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So, I guess I’m a runner now

I couldn’t even handle distance running when I was in shape. What made me think I could handle it as an overweight thirtysomething?

Some combination of my high cholesterol and competitive spirit called me to try something stupid a few months ago. I decided I would try to run a mile a day. And by run, I mean a combination of walking and barely-faster-than-walking.

I hated running. But with the Fourth of July holiday weekend, at least I’d have time to recover and/or come to my senses.

Fat chance. Instead, I did it three days in a row. And I ran way too hard for someone who should’ve eased into it.

With my fingers as my last remaining not-sore bodypart, I tweeted about the experience.

Gregg Lynn running

Gregg Lynn winning yet another race.

My buddy, Gregg Lynn–super radio guy and runner extraordinaire–told me about a beginners running group his wife, Suzi, was starting the following week. I was skeptical, and a little unsure of my goal. I wasn’t trying to be a race-runner like Gregg.

The program started with a run-for-30-seconds/walk for four minutes, 30 seconds, split. That first day, we would repeat it seven times.

By the end of 13 weeks, we beginners were supposed to be able to run for 60 minutes straight and/or complete a 10K.

I couldn’t imagine I’d ever really be able to do that.

A few weeks in, when we started running more than walking, I expected 30 minutes straight would be about as long as I’d ever run.

But I stayed with the program.

My son after the Apple Blossom 5K

Clearly, he's not intimidated by me.

My hips, knees, shins, ankles and feet started hurting a little bit less. I dropped a few pounds. It couldn’t be. Could it be?

So, it was working. I could run longer distances. I could take shorter breaks.

Still, I didn’t really have a goal. Well, other than wanting to compete with the runner of the house when the next 5K rolls around. That, and finishing the program.

One of those is out of the way now. It wasn’t a 60-minute 10K, but it wasn’t too bad for being a new runner.

So, what’s next?

I’d like to convince others to try this program and see how it works for them. You could be a runner in just a few months from now.

Are you ready to try?

***Many thanks to Gregg and Suzi for getting me to try, for being so helpful and for convincing me that I could become a runner.

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